Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time

Dave Grusin: Not Enough TimeDave Grusin: Not Enough Time is the only documentary film that has ever been made about legendary music producer, film composer and pianist Dave Grusin. Unlike many biographies, it has an important difference…Dave Grusin is a major part of the film.

This film is directed and produced by two jazz musicians, Barbara Bentree and John Rangel. Unlike most documentary production teams, this duo prides itself on being "musicians making films about musicians." They believe that it takes a musician to ask questions that make sense for other musicians, to design in-depth conversations about the past, present and future of the music and film industries and to put together a sequence of musical ideas in a film that is compelling and correct.

Bentree and Rangel bring a lifetime of musical experience into their work as filmmakers. The director, Barbara Bentree, has been a Storyteller for years, producing her own films, working on network television and film productions, and writing original stage plays, books and screenplays. Co-producer John Rangel, has played the piano onstage with Dave Grusin in concert and he has performed all over the world in prestigious jazz festivals as a pianist and composer. Rangel has also worked in the television and film industries, primarily in music production.

This duo brings an incredibly wide range of experience and passion to this project. As Bentree says, "I have been a fan of Dave Grusin for 40 years and yet through this journey of making the film, I have discovered many parts of his life and career that I didn't know about." How could a major fan like Bentree be so surprised? As every person in the film says, "Dave Grusin is the most talented and most modest person they have ever known."

The motivation for these producers is personal. "We want to change the face of documentaries about musicians…especially jazz musicians. It is time for an uplifting and positive story to be told about a life in jazz music. Dave Grusin is one of the most hardworking and accomplished musicians of the past 50 years. A film tribute to his incredible body of work and a retrospective of Grusin's massive contribution to the film and music industries is way overdue."

Dave Grusin has been nominated for eight Academy Awards (winning one), thirty-eight Grammys (winning ten) and four Golden Globe Awards. GRP Records was nominated for eighty Grammy Awards.

Dave was just recently nominated for an Emmy Award for the song “Just Getting Started” that he co-wrote with Alan Bergman.

In addition, he has been presented with three Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the Manhattan School of Music, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the Berklee School of Music. Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time is an uplifting story that will inspire audiences worldwide!

Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time
Director: Barbara Bentree
Producers:  Barbara Bentree and John Rangel
Co-Producers:  Nan Newton, Nick Heizmann, Robin Heizmann (NiRo Music)
Editor: Kate Amend, ACE
Director of Photography: Autumn Eakin
Music: Dave Grusin
Featuring: Dave Grusin, Quincy Jones, Tom Brokaw,  Michael Keaton, Marcus Miller, Tommy Lipuma, Lee Ritenour, Marilyn & Alan Bergman, Harvey Mason, Ernie Watts, Russ Titelman, Thomas McGuane, Carl Hiassen, Don Grusin, Eddie Daniels, David Benoit, Dori Caymmi, Nathan Barr, and many others