Monterey Jazz Festival High School All-Stars

Photo ©2015 Monterey Jazz Festival / Craig Lovell

As part of its year-round Jazz Education Programs in Monterey County, Monterey Jazz Festival sponsors the High School All-Stars, the High School Vocal Ensemble, and Middle School Honor Band which are comprised of the top young jazz musicians from the Monterey County area. Selected by the professional jazz musicians/educators participating in the Festival’s Traveling Clinician Program, members of these elite ensembles gather each January to begin rehearsals in preparation for performances at various community and service organization events that take place throughout the year.

As a means by which to enhance the musical training and experience of the most gifted young area musicians, the High School All-Stars and High School Vocal Ensemble offer thirty-two selected Monterey County high school students the opportunity to study and perform a much more advanced level of music than that which might be presented in their respective school music programs.

Paul Contos, renowned saxophonist and jazz educator, serves as director of the High School All-Stars, and vocal jazz educator and arranger Dr. Rob Klevan directs the High School Vocal Ensemble and Middle School Honor Band. The Festival's honor groups have obtained worldwide recognition and rave reviews for their high level of performance. Each summer, the Monterey Jazz Festival High School All-Stars and High School Vocal Ensemble take to the road for the experience of performing in settings beyond the borders of Monterey County and California. Past musical tours have included concert presentations at jazz festivals and other venues throughout Japan, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Each September, the All-Star Band and Vocal Ensemble are featured in a final performance on stage at the Night Club during the annual Monterey Jazz Festival.

2015 Monterey Jazz Festival High School All-Stars
Director: Mr. Paul Contos

Marina Panzetta, alto / Monterey High School
Will Georis, alto / Carmel High School
Anthony Paolini, tenor / York School
Ian Wahle, tenor / Carmel High School
Miranda Garcia, baritone / Gonzales High School
Kevin Zamzow-Pollock, flute / York School, Pacific Grove Jazz Club

Denny Baek, alto / York School
Katie Ishizue, alto / York School
Nathan Kline, tenor / Palma High School
Anton Zatserklyaniy, tenor / Monterey High School
Michael Doyle, baritone / Carmel High School

Kyle Groves / Salinas High School
Jeremiah Greenberg / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Philip de Lormier / York School
John Yeager / York School
Felix Diaz-Contreras / Pacific Grove Jazz Club

Kane Russell / Monterey High School
Evelyn Arce / Gonzales High School          

George Haugen / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Hunter Wenglikowski / Stevenson School
Akili Bradley / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
David Twohig / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Jack Ellison / Carmel High School

Conlyn Pattison / North Monterey County High School
Josh Rhee / York School

Ayana Bradley, piano / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Jihoon Han, piano / Stevenson School
Ari Freedman, bass / Carmel High School
Isaac DeVera, guitar / Monterey High School and Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Tyler Beron, drums / Pacific Grove Jazz Club

David Sanchez, piano / Monterey High School
Antonio Cuevas Rodriguez, bass / Salinas High School
Emily Muller-Foster, bass / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Robert Papacica, guitar / Carmel High School