O.F.N.I. Trio

SPAIN arts & culture Pablo Caminero and the O.F.N.I. Trio are presented by SPAIN arts & culture with support from the Spain-USA Foundation.

Pablo M. Caminero was born in the Spanish city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1974. He completed his studies in Classical Double Bass at the Superior School of Music of Vienna in 1999. After completing his education, he moved to Madrid where he began his career as a performer, composer and producer.

The diversity of musical styles he handles has led him to collaborate with artists and projects of different genres such as Ultra High Flamenco, Abe Rabade Trio, Jorge Pardo, Gerardo Nuñez, bandArt, Hippocampus, Chano Dominguez, Niño Josele, Rocio Molina, Enrike Solinís, Rosario La Tremendita, and a long list of Flamenco, jazz, classical and baroque music projects. At the same time, this versatility encourages him to compose music for films and advertising campaigns since 2006.

Caminero has released four albums on the BOST label to date: Domestica (2005), El Caminero (2011), O.F.N.I (2014), and Salto al Vacio (2016). With his quintet (sometimes adapted to a quartet or trio) Caminero develops a repertoire of his own songs to convey his musical vision based on two closely linked pillars: jazz and flamenco. Currently, he has brought to the stage the project “Double Bach” with the choreographer Antonio Ruz in which he plays two suites from J. S. Bach in pizzicato, accompanied by the contemporary dancer Tamako Akiyama. He continues with his intense musical activity through his own project, as well as the “Afectos” shows with Rocio Molina and Rosario La Tremendita, and concerts with Ultra High Flamenco, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble, and Abe Rabade Trio.

O.F.N.I. (Objecto Flamenco No Identificado) is the third album by the double bass player Pablo M. Caminero. After recording Domestica, with which he started investigating the comprehensive production process, and El Caminero, with which he broke the ice as a leader of his own quintet, O.F.N.I. is his debut as a composer for a jazz flamenco quintet. In this third recording, everything pays more attention to the double bass as a connecting element in the band. The form continues being a jazz form in relation to the repertoire and the improvisation, although it brings Flamenco language closer.

The repertoire, written in its entirety by Pablo M. Caminero, relies on Flamenco bases and patterns. On the stage, we can feel enthusiasm and respect for leading a project made up of some of the most recognized international jazz members; musicians with an open interpretation of contemporary jazz, both European jazz and American jazz, and a deep approach to Flamenco. The pianist Moises Sanchez and the drummer Borja Barrueta, together with the double bass player and conductor Pablo M. Caminero, give shape to a compact ensemble in which all the musicians contribute and create on Caminero’s compositions. Thus, they are able to convey high sensitivity and musical quality, both as soloists and as a band. O.F.N.I. establishes, in this way, Pablo M. Caminero’s own musical language and way of communicating, that presents him as a reference point among the different contemporary jazz and jazz flamenco proposals.

Towards the end of summer 2014, and about to present my third recording O.F.N.I., the ideas of what would be his fourth album Salto al Vacío were flowing. This time, the base band is a Quintet, adding other instruments for the recording such as guitars, drums and keyboards, always thinking of live quintet performances. The repertoire is also a continuation of my previous albums. Salto al Vacío was released in November 2016.

Moisés Sánchez

Pianist, arranger, and composer. Moisés Sánchez has been bred with music since his early boyhood thanks to the cultural and music environment created by his parents. When he was three, he began to play the piano and to study harmony and musical theory with his father who passed on a broad musical base to him. Thus, this peculiar way of introducing music and learning in his live has resulted a unique and a very personal way of understanding the instrument and music. He has also received lessons and attended courses with great musicians such as Pat Metheny, Jean-Michel Pilc, John Taylor or Joaquín Achucarro.

Moises has played, recorded and produced a broad range of musicians such as John Adams, Spanish National Orchestra, Placido Domingo, Benny Golson, Jorge Pardo, Chuck Loeb, Eric Marienthal, Wolfgang Haffner, Vinnie Colaiuta, Damian Erskine, Javier Paxariño, Pablo Martín Caminero, Chema Vílchez, Serranito, Javier Vercher and the Larry Martin Band. As a leader he has recorded four albums: Soliloquio, his first piano solo album; Adam the Carpenter’ (Sello Autor 2007), Dedication (Universal Music Spain/Magna Records 2010) and Ritual.

Borja Barrueta

Borja Barrueta has performed with many different artists like Jorge Drexler, Chano Dominguez, Gerardo Nuñez, Carmen Paris, DePedro, Javier Colina, Perico Sambeat, Jorge Pardo, Ara Malikian, Josemi Carmona, Joe Lovano, Lionel Loueke, Buika, Javier Ruibal, Kevin Johansen, Antonio Serrano, Moisés P. Sanchez, Chano Dominguez, Susana Vaca, Noa, Paulinho Moska, and Natalia Lafourcade.

He has also participated in recording sessions with renowned international producers as Lee Townsend, Suso Saiz, Carlos Raya, Matias Cella, Campi Campón, and Juan Campodonico. He has recorded film soundtracks with composers such as Alberto Iglesias and Fernando Velazquez. In 2016, he presented his first solo work called LILAP. The album was produced by Carlos Raya and it was recorded with some of the most Spanish renowned musicians.