Jon Hendricks, 1921-2017

ABOVE: Jon Hendricks at MJF46 in 2003. ©Walter Wagner

Contribute to Jazz Education

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Monterey Jazz Festival Traveling Clinicians for 2017-2018

Since 1983, Monterey Jazz Festival has sent professional musicians into the local school systems in Monterey County as a way to nurture young musicians. not only creating artists for the future, but fans as well. This easily scalable program has been a model for arts education organizations around the world to teach students the art of jazz, human interaction, leadership, responsibility, discipline, and democracy within a group setting.

Tia Fuller and Ingrid Jensen, 2018 Artists-in-Residence

ABOVE: Tia Fuller and Ingrid Jensen at MJF60, 2017 ©Monterey Jazz Festival / Jim Stone

Happy Birthday, Dizzy!

ABOVE: Dizzy Gillespie and Jimmy Lyons at the 32nd Monterey Jazz Festival in 1989. 
©Monterey Jazz Festival Archives/Bruce Talamon

Among the jazz galaxy that has played the Monterey stages, Dizzy Gillespie is of Mount Rushmore status. —Willard Jenkins

Thank You from Monterey Jazz Festival for an Amazing 60th!

We haven’t posted in a while, but another Monterey Jazz Festival has come and gone in a whirlwind of activity. It’s a year’s worth of planning that culminates in a weekend that is exhilarating, exhausting, overwhelming…there are not enough words to describe how the process works to bring each festival to the public each year. But when we see people starting to come through the gates and the music begins to play, it’s unlike anything else in the world!

2018 Next Generation Jazz Festival Presented by Monterey Jazz Festival Now Accepting Applications

Monterey, Calif.; October 18, 2017; Monterey Jazz Festival, a leader in jazz education since its inception in 1958, is pleased to announce the 48th Annual Next Generation Jazz Festival, featuring the nation’s most talented middle school, high school, conglomerate, and college instrumental and vocal jazz ensembles and soloists at the newly-renovated Monterey Conference Center from March 9-11,