Family Connections at the 60th Monterey Jazz Festival

ABOVE: Gerald Clayton, Jeff Hamilton and John Clayton at the 47th Next Generation Jazz Festival on April 1, 2017. ©MJF/Nic Coury.

There’s family that you are born into, and then there’s your "chosen" family – an aligning of core values, principals and camaraderie that every person will seemingly gravitate towards during the course of their lives.

And then there’s Monterey.

In honor of our 60th festival, family is one the major themes that we are celebrating.

The Colossal Influence of Sonny Rollins

Above: Sonny Rollins and Clifton Anderson at the 50th Monterey Jazz Festival in 2007.

In celebration of MJF’s 60th Anniversary, we are proud to present an exclusive concert in tribute to the Colossus, tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins.

Now retired, Sonny is one of the last surviving "alumni" of the 1958 Festival, and has performed at MJF seven times.