For this year's poster art, there were a number of things for Jeff to consider for imagery. One main source of inspiration for him were the two incredible female musicians serving as Artists-in-Residence (Tia Fuller and Ingrid Jensen), so a strong female presence seemed like a promising direction.

The artwork also had to work in a variety of applications from stage backgrounds to coffee mugs. He chose to work in a very flat graphic style so that color and form could be easily translated across all media. With this approach in mind, he drew several sketches which eventually led to MJF settling on an abstracted image of a female horn player.

He had an idea for creating a visual hook that expressed the musician's hair as well as the sound waves of music coming from her horn. He continued to simplify the concept until he ended up with the black and white wavy lines that contrasted effectively with a red background.

From there, he created other elements of the poster with line work in order to further contrast the bold graphic quality of the wavy lines. This approach inspired the visual feel of the typography which he drew in a swooping, musical script that uses the same line as the saxophone. The result is a poster that is very bold and precise, but still feels free and energetic, not unlike a great jazz performance!

Jeff Rogers is an award-winning designer and illustrator whose work is heavily influenced by his background in music, painting, and fun. After many years working as a designer and art director at various studios and agencies around Dallas and NYC, he opened the doors of his Brooklyn studio in 2011. His work has attracted an impressive client list that includes Google, McDonald's, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Ford, Nike, Diet Coke, The New York Times, and many others. Jeff now works out of a new studio in Dallas where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

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