Monterey County Honor Bands

CLICK HERE to audition for the 2016-17 Monterey Jazz Festival Honor Ensembles!
Spots are available for the High School All-Star Band, Honor Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Middle School Honor Band.

“Sometimes a band is just a band, and sometimes a band is like family. Touring to Washington D.C. with the All-Stars was a blast, and easily one of the best experiences of my life.” –Tyler Beron, drums, 2015

Each year, Monterey Jazz Festival selects top students from across Monterey County to participate in middle and high school big bands, and a vocal ensemble. Led by MJF Education Director Paul Contos (High School All-Star Band) and renowned educator Dr. Rob Klevan (Honor Vocal and Middle School Band), each all-star ensemble rehearses twice monthly (daily at MJF's annual two-week Summer Camp) while working on ensemble skills--includes phrasing, blending, improvisation and rhythmic feel, while exploring a range of jazz styles. The MJF High School All-Stars also perform across Monterey County, at the Next Generation Jazz Festival, and far beyond, testing their chops on the bandstand while bringing great music to the community. In summer 2015, the high school ensembles traveled to Washington D.C., where they performed at the Kennedy Center, the National Archives, and the Bohemian Caverns jazz club.

2016 MJF High School All-Star Band

Director: Mr. Paul Contos

Marina Panzetta, alto saxophone / Monterey High School
Will Georis, alto saxophone / Carmel High School
Anthony Paolini, tenor saxophone / York School
Siena Fisk, tenor saxophone / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Domenic Van Nes, baritone saxophone / York School
Kevin Zamzow-Pollock, flute / York School               

Felix Diaz / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Jeremiah Greenberg / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Philip de Lormier / York School
Evelyn Arce / Gonzales High School
John Yeager / York School

David Twohig / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Akili Bradley / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Hunter Wenglikowski / Stevenson School
Christine Lee / Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Noah Kirsch / Carmel High School           

Davíd Sánchez, piano / Monterey High School and Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Ari Freedman, bass / Carmel High School
Isaac de Vera, guitar / Monterey High School and Pacific Grove Jazz Club
Cyle Anderson, drums / Monterey High School

2016 MJF High School Honor Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Director: Dr. Rob Klevan

Maddie Jewell / York School
Ali Shanklin / Monterey High School
Grace Sizemore / York School
Madison Van Tassell / Pacific Grove High School
Kathryn Yeager / York School

Paola Hernandez / Trinity High School
Amanda Mikkelsen / Salinas High School
Alexandra Pavlet / Monterey High School
Jennie Racoosin / York School
Paula Rueda / Pacific Grove High School
Corinne Trachsel / York School

CJ Paghasian / York School

Alex Davies / York School
Brandon Mai / Salinas High School

2016 MJF Middle School Honor Band

Dr. Rob Klevan, Director

Marco Ramos, alto / Seaside Middle School
Jadan Adams, alto / Colton Middle School
Sam Wisner, tenor / Monterey Bay Charter School
Thor Birch, tenor / Pacific Grove Middle School
Cristian Colorado, baritone / Colton Middle School

Elijah Tourke, lead / Pacific Grove Middle School
Christian Ryan Trejo, 2nd / Carmel Middle School
Tevita Kamitoni, 3rd / Seaside Middle School
Ardan Dorrian, 3rd / Stevenson Middle School
Chris Coleman, tuba & bass / Carmel Middle School

Parker McAnally / Pacific Grove Middle School
Alana Henden / Pacific Grove Middle School
Wyatt Wadsworth / Carmel Middle School
Joe “Kaimi” Carrasco / Seaside Middle School
Tully Canon / San Benancio Middle School
Azia Chambers / Los Arboles Middle School

Cassandra Brown, piano / Pacific Grove Middle School
Nathan Nguyen, guitar / Los Arboles Middle School
Phillip Tuffs, bass / Pacific Grove Middle School
Tyler McNitt, drums / Carmel Middle School
Pascale Montgomery, vocal / Carmel Middle School